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Delivering powerful project management solutions. To get you results.
Project/Portfolio Management Strategy

Organizations often need help with determining a properly sized portfolio management approach.  They are overwhelmed by not only which best practices and processes should be implemented by how much implementation is appropriate so they adopt what their organization can handle.  One size does not fit all.​  We can help you develop the properly sized strategic approach to establish the proper standards, measures, and continuous improvement plans to properly align your projects to your portfolios strategic goals.


Organizations without proper collaboration on their projects find themselves woth groups that work in a vacuum and not working on their tasks as a whole to support the entire project so everyone attains a successful outcome.

We can show you how an enterprise portfolio management tool, like Microsoft Project Server, can facilitate collaboration between team members, portfolio, resource, and project managers, as well as provide executives insight into project and portfolio performance. 


Microsoft Project Server Implementations

We provide Microsoft Project Server implementation services for everything from start to finish.  We can even assist with the identification and implementation of best practice project management processes that will be enforced in the Enterprise Project Management application.

We have provided implementation services for Microsoft Project Server 2003 - 2016 and Project Online.  Corresponding integration of Microsoft Project Professional with the server application is also part of the implementation.

Resource Management

One of the major challenges to portfolio and project management is knowing where your resources are allocated.  Many resources are over tasked to projets while others are not utilized to their full capacity.  We can show you how Microsoft Project Server can display where resources are allocated and which resources are not being assigned to project tasks and activities.


Process and Procedures

Implementing the correct processes and procedures are critical to an organizations portfolio and project management success.  Immature organizations often cause their process and procedure implementations to fail by overloading the end users with low benefit processes and choke them with documention and training.  We can help you implement the proper processes and procedures that will yield the biggest benefits and address your organizations pain points.  Properly implemented best practices yield expected results.



To successfully implement project management processes and procedures they need to be standardized, documented, and communicated.  Once this is done, an organzation can control and manage their projects more effectively and modify their processes, procedures, and training to continuously improve.  We have established ourselves with properly implemented plans to increase businesses organizational project management maturity.


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